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on the foothills

Bardoobah is our 67-acre property located 20kms west of Orange at the foothills of Mount Canobolas. With inferior, imported garlic saturating the Australian market, we decided to start our own crop so we could sell locally and nationally. Imported garlic is fumigated with methyl bromide, which is a highly toxic chemical if not used correctly. Wouldn’t our conscience be better eased if more Australians bought produce grown in Australia using growing and harvesting methods that are natural, safe and non-exploitative?

Garlic is a labour intensive crop which accounts for the higher cost per kilo. It’s sown by hand, weeding must be done by hand, and harvesting is by hand. The subsequent hanging, curing and trimming is done by hand. Thegarlicsmith sows from Australian garlic which is organically grown in rich, fertile volcanic soils at a height of 890 metres, where it develops rich flavour and strong aromas. Garlic grows best in cool temperatures which makes our location ideal for growing and harvesting.

As a member of the Australian Garlic Industry Association, we’re passionate farmers using natural methods for farming, which means good soils, abundant water, and bio-organic fertilisers.